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    I love good cooking competitions (Ryori no Tetsujin, Ryori no Dotchi, My Kitchen Rules, first season of Ça Va Chauffer, Dinner Party Wars, etc etc) ...

Reinterpreted smoked meat sandwich, "lean"

Smoked meat

Montreal smoked meat appears to be one of those “must try” things for non-vegan tourists who come to the Big Croissant. It’s beef brisket that’s been cured in a pepper and coriander-heavy dry rub for days, before being hot smoked and then steamed prior to service. The origin appears to be the Romanian Jewish population […]

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The first 205 golden raspberries


Ah, here are the first golden raspberries of the season. Did I ever mention that golden raspberries taste exactly like red raspberries? They do. Makes you want to put on some Enya and call the esthetician to book a wax, doesn’t it?  

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Price gouging on wines

Price gouging

Did you know that in the United States, price gouging is apparently illegal following a declared state of emergency? I actually never would have guessed because the last time I was caught in a declared state of emergency was during the lead-up to Tropical Storm Fay, and I could’ve sworn that those normally 99-cent bottles […]

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T-bone steaks in sous-vide packaging

Grilling season

Victoria Day (third Monday of May; 18-MAY-2015 this year) is generally the long weekend where the 90% or so of Canadians who live below the perma-frost line finally put away the parkas, cut the dogs loose from the sleds and let the igloo melt to start celebrating warm-ish temperatures and various attempts at agriculture. Apart […]

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Get Lucky Solo

Get Lucky

Ah, that quintessential phrase, “get lucky.” It means a lot of things depending of course on context. Of course, for those of you with minds in the gutter, there’s the Urban Dictionary definition of get lucky. Depending on where you work, you might want to look up that link either on your smartphone or other […]

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Kazan's Panic in the Streets

Panic in the streets

It’s the Rapture! There’s Panic in the Streets! Why? Alberta is now under the Orange Hammer and Sickle, as it has elected the New Democratic Party to a majority government, ousting the provincial Progressive Conservatives after 44 years of non-stop rule and relegating the former ruling party to third to boot. They even elected a […]

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How To Win The Lottery!


Did I ever mention that I know a couple that routinely buys lottery tickets as part of their planning to save up for a down-payment on a home purchase? No joke – it sounds like idiocy on their part because you could save the cost of that lottery tickey, but then I tell you the […]

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Unboxing of the Corporate McBerry (the Blackberry Classic)


I have got to admit that John Chen is a consummate professional, as he’s had essentially the thankless job of turning around Blackberry Ltd. after years of mismanagement and his predecessor Thorsten Heins’ ill-fated tenure in the CEO chair. I packed a Blackberry for the better part of 5 years while I worked in the […]

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Year of the Sheep - sweet and sour shrimp

Year of the Sheep

Happy Lunar New Year! That would be the good one. Today kicks off the Year of the Sheep (羊), or more specifically, the Year of the Wood Sheep. Depending on the circles that one runs in, the Year of the Sheep is also known as the Year of the Ram (which is a boy sheep – […]

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A Groundhog Day view of the Buffet Fu Lam


Today is Groundhog Day! People celebrate other things too but the majority seem to be interested in digging up hibernating groundhogs (Marmota monax) to see if they can predict the weather. No, really! Anyway, the groundhogs are split in their predictions as Wiarton Willie saw his shadow as he was roused out of his sleep, […]

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