• Close-up of the toriwasa


    to·ri·wa·sa とりわさ n. chicken which is lightly seared on the outside while the inside remains raw   You read that right: toriwasa is the word ...

New Year's Eve salad

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015! It’s the Gregorian New Year (also known as “not the good one”) today so health and prosperity to those who come to this site that aren’t ‘bots. Yes, there are some actual readers out there. I don’t have a good image of a drunk robot to commemorate the start of this year, but […]

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Yellow potatoes

Xmas Eve

Hey! It’s Xmas Eve! While I am using the correct spelling and pronunciation, we are at least very fortunate that we are at least 780 years before the eventual appearance of Robot Santa. That’s pretty good because as I still can’t run particularly fast, I wouldn’t get too far. Xmas Eve on the Big Croissant […]

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Care packages

You’ve heard of these things – the are the boxes people send to their children in university to help when the children run out of money through their frivolous spending boost morale and remind them of home. Care packages are actually CARE Packages (trademarked), and were a standard box of supplies sent to mitigate the […]

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Goose foie gras made by Éric Moinaud


Right now I’m seriously irked about AYCE restaurants and waffles but I need to set my irk aside because it’ll ruin the mood. Anyway, do you remember Sideways? the movie? It has been a decade since its release and subsequent decimation of Merlot sales in the mid-Noughties, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since […]

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Docomodake DS

Wireless providers

Wireless providers. You know – they’re the service providers that North Americans love to hate because they’re 1) incompatible with the rest of the world, 2) charge exorbitant fees for very little compared to the ROW, and 3) their service coverage often vacillates between poor and miserable. There’s a reason why Big Red south of […]

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American Thanksgiving again

It’s American Thanksgiving again! As I’ve said before, this apparently the most important holiday south of the 49th. Honestly I would have guessed Xmas (aka the holiday that got moved to December because early Christians needed something that would replace the gambling, rampant overeating and drunkenness that was the Roman holiday of Saturnalia), but I’d […]

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Culturally-relevant cereal

Breakfast cereal

I like Laura Martinez’s blog Mi blog es tu blog because apart from letting Canadians know we’re getting ripped off on fresh tortillas as a result of the Mulroney Conservatives signing NAFTA, she also offers interesting insight into Latin culture at least in its interpretation in the Republic South of the 49th Parallel. Her latest […]

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A close-up of the linguini version of Spaghetti Naporitan


What do you do when you’re left with a bunch of wiener middles after spending some quality time practicing knife skills and producing wiener octopus and wiener crab all with the correct number of evenly-proportioned appendages? I guess you could go and eat them on a bun like a typical hot dog, but I’ve already […]

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Closeup of the tostada de lengua

Slipping the tongue

See this photo? It’s my saucier with a couple of bits of leftover beef left in it. It’s the aftermath of a Halloween lunch pot-luck I was invited to. It is my pan, but it’s not my spoon. I still get a chuckle out of seeing this because it’s evidence that I was secretly slipping […]

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The iPhone6 plus

Shut up and take my money!

So shut up and take my money already! The iPhone6 and 6 Plus have been formally announced. I’m not sure if I can afford buying the new Apple Watch to go along with it though.  

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