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     Just look at this legroom! This is what Seat 17A on an Air Canada AirBus 319 looks like from the sitting position. The seat itself ...

Tiradito of Patagonian toothfish (aka Chilean sea bass)


First of all this is the same tiradito that I made to start off the Porterhouse event at la Vache espagnole. In hindsight I just like this photo better than the ones in the earlier post, but since it looks stupid to post the same dish twice without some differentiators, I’m going to provide a […]

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People laugh at me when they see me ordering meat from my boucher. I order poultry by count, I order pork by subprimal (shoulder, leg) or count (head, belly), or linear measure (loin), and I order beef by subprimal or lineal measure. My boucher Éric doesn’t laugh though, and neither does Brigitte the owner of […]

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Golden raspberries

What we have here are three raspberries that I picked. They’re sitting on a sheet of Bounty kitchen towel because they’ve been rinsed to eliminate dust and whatever the insects have been depositing as they crawl over the fruit before they were consumed. The blurry one in the back is the standard red raspberry from […]

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Highly Cited Research

Thomson Reuters came out with a list of the 3200 most influential researchers in science based on citations, and all I can say is wow, did my alma mater suck. Two names made it based on the compilation of highly cited research, meaning that we represented 0.0625% of the group. What really stings is that […]

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Jodorowsky’s Dune

Today is US Independence Day and my pal Jeannette thinks that my idea to walk around in public eating a vodka-infused watermelon with a spork and silly straw is insane. I say, what’s wrong with watermelon? It’s a fruit and it’s recommended to get 5 to 10 portions a day. And watermelons are delicious. I […]

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Lamb rump

Today be Saint Patty’s Day, which commemorates the Apostle of Ireland banishing snakes from the Emerald Isle. Or were they truly snakes, as the Irish fossil record indicates that at no time has there ever snakes in Ireland for Saint Patrick to banish. Mainstream historians and the Ch*rch would suggest that the snakes were an […]

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Beet salad

I like beets, both eating them and all the fun one can have with betacyanins and other people’s food. I probably shouldn’t since they’re not one of those vegetables that I didn’t grow up with (they were grown exclusively for sugar production and animal feed where I came from) but I’ve developed a taste for […]

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Puligny-Montrachet « Les Pucelles »

Les Pucelles

I am having one of those “waa…k!” duck quack moments right now. The above label is for Domaine Leflaive’s Premier Cru Puligny-Montrachet made entirely from grapes sourced from their three parcels in the Les Pucelles vineyard (an argilo-calcaire climat).  A bottle of the 1972 vintage was one of four Bourgogne whites competing in the Judgment […]

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  This is probably the most famous quote from Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás (Americans call him “George”) and is often brought up when people critique political/historical turning points which have either turned out to be fortuitous or disastrous (e.g. Churchill and Austria, the Cuban missile crisis, the 1995 Yes/No Campaigns, foreign […]

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Lies damn lies and statistics

“Lies damn lies and statistics” (with some punctuation that I’ve conveniently removed for SEO purposes) is of course a famous saying attributed to Mark Twain when describing the persuasive power of numbers. With the installation of the new server and the hubris of having something that ran well with relatively little latency, I got curious […]

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