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    I love good cooking competitions (Ryori no Tetsujin, Ryori no Dotchi, My Kitchen Rules, first season of Ça Va Chauffer, Dinner Party Wars, etc etc) ...


2015 igNobels

The 2015 igNobels are out! Yay Science! I am indeed a scientist by training and trade though recently my brain has gotten soft and mushy from counting left- and right-handed desks. Pretty much everyone knows what the Nobel Prize is and the scientists look for the ones in chemistry, physics and medicine just to see […]

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Buffet Fu Lam

Goodbye to the buffet

Yes, after 18 months give or take I finally have to bid goodbye to the Buffet Fu Lam. This is the desolation that was my former observation post. And this would be one last look at at the Buffet. It’s that green blob on the right. The following is a shot of the new environment. […]

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Hot pot condiment - egg, shacha barbecue sauce, shoyu, chili paste and sesame oil


The Big Croissant is currently steam-baking in a very sticky heatwave presently, with temperatures yesterday getting to 31ºC and a humidex rating of 40ºC. For those of you still in the old Fahrenheit scheme of things, that would be 88ºC and humidity pushing things to feel like 104ºC. Irrespective of how one measures it, it’s […]

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Macarons from Le Salon du thé de Joël Robuchon (Hong Kong)

The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff. The way to describe the better things one might have or want to have, be it booze, food, booze and food… It’s the secret stash of the items that you don’t schlep out for the unwashed masses, but rather that you save to share with those who 1) might matter and 2) […]

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Seared onglet with onion-ginger sauce and watercress

Steak dinner

Today is the 38th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. It’s pretty easy for me to remember the date and all, but I spent the anniversary peeling carrots, because it’s canning season. 3.990 kg peeled and trimmed carrots = 12 tightly packed 500 mL jars in case you’re wondering. So after an entire afternoon […]

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This is the Spiky Indian cucumber (Cucumis anguria), a varietal that my fancy vegetation supplier Fanny Beaudin is currently experimenting with. It’s a cucumber. Tastes like one too.  

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Reinterpreted smoked meat sandwich, "lean"

Smoked meat

Montreal smoked meat appears to be one of those “must try” things for non-vegan tourists who come to the Big Croissant. It’s beef brisket that’s been cured in a pepper and coriander-heavy dry rub for days, before being hot smoked and then steamed prior to service. The origin appears to be the Romanian Jewish population […]

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The first 205 golden raspberries


Ah, here are the first golden raspberries of the season. Did I ever mention that golden raspberries taste exactly like red raspberries? They do. Makes you want to put on some Enya and call the esthetician to book a wax, doesn’t it?  

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Price gouging on wines

Price gouging

Did you know that in the United States, price gouging is apparently illegal following a declared state of emergency? I actually never would have guessed because the last time I was caught in a declared state of emergency was during the lead-up to Tropical Storm Fay, and I could’ve sworn that those normally 99-cent bottles […]

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T-bone steaks in sous-vide packaging

Grilling season

Victoria Day (third Monday of May; 18-MAY-2015 this year) is generally the long weekend where the 90% or so of Canadians who live below the perma-frost line finally put away the parkas, cut the dogs loose from the sleds and let the igloo melt to start celebrating warm-ish temperatures and various attempts at agriculture. Apart […]

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