• Close-up of the toriwasa


    to·ri·wa·sa とりわさ n. chicken which is lightly seared on the outside while the inside remains raw   You read that right: toriwasa is the word ...

RBC photo by the Canadian Press

Royal Bank

The Royal Bank of Canada (TSX: RY) just reported its third-quarter results this morning (link). Net income for the period ended July 31, 2014 climbed 4% to a record $2.38 billion, or $1.59 a share. The same quarter in 2013 showed net income of $2.29 billion, or $1.51 per share, so excellent YoY performance. Adjusted […]

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Laurus nobilis tag

Bay leaf

At this point, I get to stand up and say “ha-ha!” as soon there will be no more generic bay leaf of indeterminate origin and unknown provenance in my cooking. Nope. Nada. I finally got of my can and went out to buy a bay leaf plant. But not just any old bay leaf plant: […]

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Salad of okra, asparagus and tomato with sumiso dressing


In spite of the various meat postings I am not anti-vegetable, and do believe that vegetables have a place on the table apart from a fine fine supporting role as garnish. My father discovered an organic u-pick farm last year and has been taking advantage as the interesting vegetables are becoming large enough for harvest. […]

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Sous-vide ribeye steak close up

Summer eating

No, now is not the time to be sitting down to something light that is the deliciousness of schweinshaxe or cocido montañés. There is a siren call for something substantive to reflect the heaviness that is summer eating. Meatiness or the umami semblance of meatiness are the appropriate responses for the day. A variation of […]

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Apple App Store


Life on a dumbphone these past few months has been more than painful on a myriad of levels, the least of which being that LG probably went out of its way to design a truly idiotic UI for it. That and its on-again/off-again touchscreen that pocket dials and yet resists attempts to accept input when […]

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Tiradito of Patagonian toothfish (aka Chilean sea bass)


First of all this is the same tiradito that I made to start off the Porterhouse event at la Vache espagnole. In hindsight I just like this photo better than the ones in the earlier post, but since it looks stupid to post the same dish twice without some differentiators, I’m going to provide a […]

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People laugh at me when they see me ordering meat from my boucher. I order poultry by count, I order pork by subprimal (shoulder, leg) or count (head, belly), or linear measure (loin), and I order beef by subprimal or lineal measure. My boucher Éric doesn’t laugh though, and neither does Brigitte the owner of […]

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Golden raspberries

What we have here are three raspberries that I picked. They’re sitting on a sheet of Bounty kitchen towel because they’ve been rinsed to eliminate dust and whatever the insects have been depositing as they crawl over the fruit before they were consumed. The blurry one in the back is the standard red raspberry from […]

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