2013 already

Time fliesHow time flies.

It’s 2013 already but it feels like it was just the start of 2012 with everyone gearing up for the final countdown to the end of the Thirteenth B’ak’tun. Nothing really happened there, though I know of at least one person who’s disappointed that Kukulkán didn’t return to probulate the masses.

2012 didn’t start off so good. I spent the start looking at a catastrophic network failure which took some effort to recover from (note to self: RAID-10 or -60 for all new installs). That failure didn’t help since I restarted the blog not once but twice, with corresponding hits to traffic. Not that it matters at the end of the day, but it’s an ego thing to lose readership.

The year continued with a key departure in the Southern Apple Fields that resulted in an inadvertent gift of time, though with some interesting by-products such as life-lesson commentary. I used that gift to eventually pull up stakes and move on from the Southern Apple Fields myself.

There was other stuff that happened in 2012 – we won’t really delve into the Romney Campaign calling me not once but three times to urge me to go vote in spite of it being illegal for me to do so (some elements suggest the results were the harbinger of the true end of the world), though I do wonder on occasion whether it had to do with my driving a lot of very large SUVs.

 I completed a few important organizational things like completing inventory and organization of the cellar and mounting storage for the winter tires, all the while (re)learning that it would have been better to have done those tasks earlier in the first place. Then there was the arrival from Calgary, which let me make my pal Butter Boy do aglou-aglou-aglou with several very tasty Grüner Veltliners while I casually slipped butter into his food. Some things don’t change.

And of course, there was the early arrival of the Micro-D, but I managed to muck my way through that with everyone more-or-less unscathed. Some things do change.

So 2013 is underway. Let’s see what it brings.

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