I guess the first thing to do is wish a Happy Solar New Year for the odd visitor who’s actually flesh and not a bot.

Seems like 2013 was just starting and now it’s a year later. Last year was a real rollercoaster, starting with the passing of my meowie Sonar, then yet another change in the status of meaningful employment, and then a whole lot of other minor things that cumulatively felt like one unending wedgie. Wasn’t all bad though, as there were plenty of other things in the de-wedgie column that evened things out (like the squab fiasco) and I got to meet a lot of interesting new people and maintain the links with good ones who are right there for those peaks and valleys.

And what about this blog? All the 2012 shenanigans and posting less than once per week didn’t do wonders for readership: Jetpack sent the stats and apparently there were around 3,500 individual views over the course of 12 months. Great numbers until you take a look at Akismet and realize that there’s a similar number of SPAM elements for those same visits. Robots are great for some things and robots make things really suck for others. However the interesting thing is that the most popular subject is no longer the Fiero or dim sum, but prawn cocktail. Seems little cubes of shrimp piqued a lot of interest as a holiday canapé.

Speaking of dim sum, I still can’t un-taste those nasty frozen ones.

Anyhoo, 2014 does have yet another transformation planned to move back from a generalized website with a blog to just being a blog in conjunction to moving over to new server hardware because what I’m running on is just getting too pokey for words. Well, I do need to move over to the new server hardware, because it really is speedy and it will also continue my disentanglement from el Goog because I still do have those privacy issues. After that, let’s see what I can do about moving back to just being a blog and writing some good content.

As for 2014 itself, Day One of the new year didn’t quite unfurl the way I expected, but at least I’m no longer covered in flour. Okay, so we’re in a valley or optimistically, a flat. Things will go up.

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