August 17

Today is August 17. It’s the day after the 40th anniversary of the death of Elvis, and the day after the 50th anniversary of the Clown’s establishment of beachhead in Canada.

It’s going to be pretty sunny but not too warm and without any effect of humidex to make things unpleasant. I’m going to be at the Atwater Market buying yellow and green wax beans from Fanny, who runs Aux Trouvailles Gourmandes de Fanny (my go-to place for fruits and vegetables),

I’m even in the process of drying blueberries.

But I’m starting the day with a nice cup of coffee and blocking one particular individual on my iDevice. But why go through the steps to block when it’s actually easier to delete? Because when you block someone, no FaceTime connection is ever made, no iMessages get through, email automagically routes to a separate mailbox, and phone calls also drop to special voicemail. It’s like you’re always in airplane mode. Sometimes it’s worth the tap.



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