Care packages

You’ve heard of these things – the are the boxes people send to their children in university to help when the children run out of money through their frivolous spending boost morale and remind them of home.

Care packages are actually CARE Packages (trademarked), and were a standard box of supplies sent to mitigate the potential for continent-wide famine in Europe following the end of WWII. They’re best known as the things sent with the Berlin Airlift when Soviet forces blockaded the city. According to Wiki, the first CARE Packages contained:

  • one pound of beef in broth
  • one pound of steak and kidneys
  • 8 ounces of liver loaf
  • 8 ounces of corned beef
  • 12 ounces of luncheon loaf
  • 8 ounces of bacon
  • 2 pounds of margarine
  • one pound of lard
  • one pound of fruit preserves
  • one pound of honey
  • one pound of raisins
  • one pound of chocolate
  • 2 pounds of sugar
  • 8 ounces of egg powder
  • 2 pounds of whole-milk powder
  • 2 pounds of coffee

Honestly, if I got something like that, I’d be having a party. I’m not joking – I really do like everything that’s listed.

I don’t think CARE still sends the 10-in-1 ration packages anymore and CARE Packages are now generically known as care packages sent for relief or (more commonly) comfort purposes.

I am blabbing about care packages because I create very limited runs of the things through my exclusive distribution label BMSYA. Why not more? Because it’s supposed to be fun and as any/every luxury brand knows, if you make too many of them, they become urbane and there won’t be any exclusivity halo left to the brand. It’s all about managing The List.

This is a recent exemplar created to help mitigate some upcoming and potentially incredibly-convoluted plans for The-Religious-Holiday-in-December-That-was-Declared-a-Civic-Holiday-Openly-Embraced-and-Enjoyed-by-All-Denominations-and-Faiths-but-which-now-can-now-be-called-Xmas-again because of entirely unrelated and unforeseen circumstances.


Because it’s my distribution label, I opt for the politically-correct labeling of Saturnalia because you really can’t go wrong referencing drunk Romans.

What’s in the box? That’s private (it’s part of the exclusivity of the BMSYA brand) as care packages are tailored to the recipient(s) and I value their privacy, but here is a closeup of the instructions and appropriate warnings.

The Saturnalia-in-a-Box label

Just by reading that, what’s not to like about this kind of party kit?

Anyway, that last bit about the open flame should be fairly self-evident. Cardboard has an unfortunate tendency to burst into flames in that scenario, but I include the reminder all the same because the BMSYA brand cares. Really. We do.

The Saturnalia-in-a-Box is actually the first of two care packages I prepared. The second care package unfortunately does not physically carry the BMSYA branding because of the involvement of third-party logistics but I’ll mail out the label so that a souvenir can still be had. There were actually plans for a third package but I never received the contact information that I needed.  Oh well. Saturnalia comes again in 2015.



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