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Life imitates art

So last week I tapped out a joke about there not being any « R.C. wuz here » micrograffiti, because at the time, the very oblique reference to the Kids in the Hall made me laugh (much to my immediate detriment). Lo and behold, this week comes news that life imitates art, in that surgeon […]

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Well, that was interesting… I appear to have survived Pearl Harbor Day with a quad no less. Haven’t sprung a leak and there does not appear to be any “R.C. wuz here” micro-graffiti as far as I can tell. Yeah! (not that Howard Dean “yeah!” either)

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Lies damn lies and statistics

“Lies damn lies and statistics” (with some punctuation that I’ve conveniently removed for SEO purposes) is of course a famous saying attributed to Mark Twain when describing the persuasive power of numbers. With the installation of the new server and the hubris of having something that ran well with relatively little latency, I got curious […]

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I guess the first thing to do is wish a Happy Solar New Year for the odd visitor who’s actually flesh and not a bot. Seems like 2013 was just starting and now it’s a year later. Last year was a real rollercoaster, starting with the passing of my meowie Sonar, then yet another change in the […]

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Time flies

2013 already

How time flies. It’s 2013 already but it feels like it was just the start of 2012 with everyone gearing up for the final countdown to the end of the Thirteenth B’ak’tun. Nothing really happened there, though I know of at least one person who’s disappointed that Kukulkán didn’t return to probulate the masses. 2012 […]

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What’s with another do-over?

Gee, it seems like only what, February? since I relaunched this blog? So why oh why do I need to do another relaunch? I’ve been a little preoccupied since my last blogpost, having among other things separated myself from the Southern Apple Fields and then spending about a week listening to routinely-scheduled blasting while sitting […]

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Introducing Canvas

Introducing Canvas

Yep. No time to really do much of anything for launch apart from introducing Canvas itself, but it’s time to kick Arthemia to the curb and go with a premium theme that is highly customizable and has actual support from its developers. Still owing: post on Raza, post on Madre, post on Nante-Eck among others. […]

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Newton says Hello World!

Hello world!

Gee, I feel like I should be firing up one of my Newton MessagePads to scribble that phrase myself, though when I wrote that phrase, my version actually came out “Beat up Marta”. So. One year to the day that I actually say that I would, I finally get my act together to activate the […]

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