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Haw-Di-I Bull Head "Original" BBQ Sauce

Water spinach

It appears that someone doesn’t like my writing about Cheetos. In the past I would have ID’d the IP address and written a reply which would have ended with “… and the horse you rode in on”, but I’m above that now, so I’ve only deleted the narrow-minded comment and will stick with saying “I […]

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Peter Michael Winery is actually named after Peter Michael, a British engineer who apart from starting the winery, also founded Cosworth and won a knighthood from the Queen. My friend Butter Boy introduced me to the Peter Michael wines when we had dinner together before he decamped from the Big Croissant. The winery is  based […]

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Les vins d'Alsace

Chinese food

I’m back baby! Yes, after the election of the Cheeto, I changed select service providers to European ones and brought down the server to harden the software. It’s not like the NSA has this site on the list of to-dos, but given the Vault 7 data burps and the subsequent wannacry and petya issues, it’s […]

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How To Win The Lottery!


Did I ever mention that I know a couple that routinely buys lottery tickets as part of their planning to save up for a down-payment on a home purchase? No joke – it sounds like idiocy on their part because you could save the cost of that lottery tickey, but then I tell you the […]

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San Francisco

 Just look at this legroom! This is what Seat 17A on an Air Canada AirBus 319 looks like from the sitting position. The seat itself is pretty uncomfortable and too narrow, there’s no power plug and the fold-out table doesn’t seem capable of supporting the complimentary bevering of your choice, but wow! Legroom! You can […]

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Puligny-Montrachet « Les Pucelles »

Les Pucelles

I am having one of those “waa…k!” duck quack moments right now. The above label is for Domaine Leflaive’s Premier Cru Puligny-Montrachet made entirely from grapes sourced from their three parcels in the Les Pucelles vineyard (an argilo-calcaire climat).  A bottle of the 1972 vintage was one of four Bourgogne whites competing in the Judgment […]

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J’en veux

I like wine. Kind of stating the obvious since I chat about it and include wine pairings in various posts, but I do like what is essentially grape juice and alcohol in spite of some genetic shenanigans which preclude me from over-imbibing. Unlike some people who become passionate about wine and oenology because of an […]

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No one can hear you scream

So if you lived in New Jersey and were told that you would be crammed into a tiny Volvo packed full of rackmount computer hardware, flowers, lab glassware and Norwegian fudge cheese and then driven 400+ miles to another country to have a meal, what would you be expecting? That was the big question facing […]

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Vin de Constance

Vin de Constance from South Africa’s Klein Constantia winery is purported to be the wine that Napoleon quaffed to console himself during exile on St. Helena, and disappeared from production for about a century before the redevelopment of the estate brought it back into production. It’s generally golden amber in appearance and has aromas of […]

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New Year's Eve 2012 bottle count

Holiday drinking

Ah, holiday drinking, when one tries to pull out the good stuff because it’s a special occasion. This is the shot of those claimed by the Xmas drinking: Pommery Brut Royal Champagne (the house fizzy) to kick things off 2006 Domaine Brana Jurançon “Premieres Neiges” (excellent honeyed exemplar of what you can get with Petit […]

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