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Vin de Constance

Vin de Constance from South Africa’s Klein Constantia winery is purported to be the wine that Napoleon quaffed to console himself during exile on St. Helena, and disappeared from production for about a century before the redevelopment of the estate brought it back into production. It’s generally golden amber in appearance and has aromas of […]

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New Year's Eve 2012 bottle count

Holiday drinking

Ah, holiday drinking, when one tries to pull out the good stuff because it’s a special occasion. This is the shot of those claimed by the Xmas drinking: Pommery Brut Royal Champagne (the house fizzy) to kick things off 2006 Domaine Brana Jurançon “Premieres Neiges” (excellent honeyed exemplar of what you can get with Petit […]

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The complete and fully-inventoried cellar with two duck prosciuttos keeping company.

What do Iron Maiden and Twister have in common?

The short answer is booze, though not quite in the way that one would think. I know that members of the band Iron Maiden certainly drank, and people (I’m thinking of you, oh former high school classmates of mine who went on to join Y**ng Life) have participated in very strange iterations of Twister when […]

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Au Bon Climat's Les Larmes de Grappe

Les Larmes de Grappe

Every once in a while nature provides the substance for a truly remarkable wine. “Larmes de Grappe,” or “Tears of the Whole Cluster,” is one such wine. Jim Clendenen’s wines from his Au Bon Climat vineyard is probably the reason why I have a fetishist love for red wines made with Pinot Noir (I’m in […]

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Good cause

Good cause

Tantalus 2007 Pinot Noir Quail’s Gate 2008 Stewart Family Reserve Pinot Noir Domaine Buisson-Charles 2007 Bourgogne Jackson-Triggs 2005 Proprietor’s Grand Reserve Riesling ice wine Joh. Jos. Prüm 2007 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett Michelle Loosen 2007 Eroica Riesling Township 7 2005 Seven Stars sparkling wine (in case anyone’s interested, this sparkler was delicious) Bodega Catena Zapata […]

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A milk bottle

Who knew?

A fixture of Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, the Amish are offshoots of the Swiss Anabaptist Church who wound up settling in Pennsylvania in the 18th century. They’re of Swiss German (not Dutch) descent and are known for shunning technology, using horse-drawn carriages, and making really good pies. I haven’t generally paid all that much attention to […]

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2005 Château Pichon-Longueville, Comtesse de Lalande

They are here

Yep. They are here indeed. This particular magnum and the remaining 231 pounds of wine arrived safely, and I even got everything to fit. Now to consider drinking some of it.

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They are coming

They are coming

Uh, no – not the Blue Berets to cart off my evidence of extraterrestrial visitations and targeted panspermia, but rather my wine. They are coming indeed. I have finally discovered a method to retrieve the wines I purchased at Nancy Carten’s Kensington Wine Market (one of the great places to visit) without actually making the trek […]

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Italian Wines for Dummies

Italian wines

My father is off to see an old friend and has asked for my help in getting a couple of bottles of wine as a present for the visit. Stay within a stated budget, should be approachable now but possibly held for a couple of years, and they have to be reds from Italy. No […]

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