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Mixed berry and apple cobbler - the most popular item

Meat loaf

Meat loaf. This blogpost is about the dish, not the bombastic glam rock performer, though both probably share the same meat:fat ratio. If you’re wondering, the latter holds spot number 76 on the BBC’s list of 100 Most Annoying Pop Songs You Hate to Love with his little ditty I’d Do Anything For Love (But […]

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Missing the point

What is drob?

Until about three weeks ago, my answer would have been “aw shucks Davey, I really don’t know.” Three weeks ago, I received a message from my pal Mo asking me where to buy a couple of ingredients for a small Easter meal she was planning. Typical Easter meal to my mind is ham or leg […]

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The winning lettuce cup

Battle Lettuce Cup

I like cooking competitions. Or more specifically, I like watching cooking competitions because I’m really not the ideal person who should compete in one. It’s not that I don’t have any basic kitchen skills or think that I can’t do well. Butter? It’s not just for the taste – I also enjoy its secondary ability to […]

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