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2-bone Prime Rib, interior

Xmas Eve again

Wow – it’s Xmas Eve again, and for a second straight year in a row, it’s green/brown. No snow. In fact, not even close as I think today’s high was somewhere around 16ºC (60.8ºF for those south of the 49th) and the CBC says it matched Los Angeles. I’m not complaining, though I probably should […]

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clásico y moderno


I love good cooking competitions (Ryori no Tetsujin, Ryori no Dotchi, My Kitchen Rules, first season of Ça Va Chauffer, Dinner Party Wars, etc etc) because there’s nothing quite like a little bit of schadenfreude to keep warm during the winter months. As for cooking competitions where I’m actually competing or expected to compete in, […]

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Close-up of the toriwasa


to·ri·wa·sa とりわさ n. chicken which is lightly seared on the outside while the inside remains raw   You read that right: toriwasa is the word for the feared-by-Westerners dish of tataki (たたき) style raw/rare chicken. Quaking yet? You’re not necessarily the only one as there is a debate going on in one of the Chowhound […]

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People laugh at me when they see me ordering meat from my boucher. I order poultry by count, I order pork by subprimal (shoulder, leg) or count (head, belly), or linear measure (loin), and I order beef by subprimal or lineal measure. My boucher Éric doesn’t laugh though, and neither does Brigitte the owner of […]

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Venison again

No I didn’t leave it in the back of the refrigerator until now – in spite of a flurry of unrelated activity and troglodytes, the venison was cooked and consumed a few days after it had been acquired. The hardest part about returning to the venison again was deciding what was the appropriate dish to […]

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The culinary term is squab

That’s right! I got me a pigeon. The culinary term is squab, but we all know it’s pigeon (Columba livia domestica). Not some nasty winged vermin that roams around in city parks that are being sold from the back of a beat-up white van in Chinatown, but ones that are being specifically and carefully raised […]

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Clarification at 20 minutes

Old school clarification

This is what happens when you do something half-a$$ed in the kitchen. I originally wanted to make a nice Chinese oxtail bouillon for my parents because they’re about to step back into the beginning of winter back on the Big Croissant. I figure it would be a nice warming bowl that provides a lot of […]

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Canning batch 1

Steam canning

Well, this year’s exercise in canning has come and gone. While I’ve canned before I generally don’t do it on a regular basis because it’s not something that’s been of specific interest to me. So why do it? Home canning has become one of those de rigeur activities as locavore eating continues to make buzz […]

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Baking again

I used to bake. Baking, or more specifically baking bread, is one of those spiritual zen activities that people say will teach perseverance and ease tension as one slowly kneads the dough over several proofs before finally assembling the loaf. One of those activities that provides self-satisfaction for a job well done. Like I said, […]

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Côte de boeuf in the style of Gỏi bò

Steak (or why moo-cows are delicious)

Cows are interesting beasts because they’re giant lumbering herbivores that are more or less harmless unless you’re into cow-tipping or happen to be face-to-face with the breed that roams in and around Pamplona. Both of those scenarios result in the beasts chasing you down, but in general cows just stand there, chew and expunge methane […]

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