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Atlanta as the Eye of Sauron


Altanta! The Big Peach! The ATL! Hot’Lanta! The Watermelon 500! The City that Kudzu Ate! While on the flight down I realized that it had been a decade since I was last in Atlanta. Back at that time, I was working for the Swiss and I was touring Emory University with my pal Mark, who […]

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San Francisco

 Just look at this legroom! This is what Seat 17A on an Air Canada AirBus 319 looks like from the sitting position. The seat itself is pretty uncomfortable and too narrow, there’s no power plug and the fold-out table doesn’t seem capable of supporting the complimentary bevering of your choice, but wow! Legroom! You can […]

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Last milk run

I have a love/hate relationship with Avis Rent-a-Car, but would qualify that by saying that it’s mostly love with the occasional burst of some exceptionally intense hate. In most places, Avis has done me right with a well-maintained vehicle that’s fun to drive. In many situations, I have even received a really nice spontaneous upgrade […]

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Touring Stockholm

My time in Stockholm wasn’t all snubs and culinary sticker shock. Unlike some of the field trips I’ve taken in the past, I did get a chance to have a little down time with each day and I spent it touring Stockholm though in a restricted fashion because of limited resources. Come to think of […]

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Dining options in Stockholm

I should start by saying that dining options in Stockholm are most assuredly better than what I present here because every single thing I had was atypical. [notabene: This is a retro post. It was the week before Hallowe’en 2011 at the time of the trip and the initial blogpost draft was being done in […]

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Stopover in Stockholm

Sweden! Homeland of Volvos, reasonably-priced flat-pack furniture, and 2-metre tall blond women. That’s the stereotype anyway. [notabene: This is a retro post. It was the week before Hallowe’en 2011 at the time of the trip and the initial blogpost draft was being done in almost real-time, so none of the grammatical tense makes sense. Just […]

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The doors to Restaurant Guy Savoy

Guess where I’m standing?

I always said that I’d make it back to 17, rue Troyon one day. And perhaps next time, I’ll actually go inside le Restaurant Guy Savoy. So never mind why I’m in the City of Lights, but I am having a better time of it than the last go since it’s bereft of problem children […]

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