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Docomodake DS

Wireless providers

Wireless providers. You know – they’re the service providers that North Americans love to hate because they’re 1) incompatible with the rest of the world, 2) charge exorbitant fees for very little compared to the ROW, and 3) their service coverage often vacillates between poor and miserable. There’s a reason why Big Red south of […]

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The iPhone6 plus

Shut up and take my money!

So shut up and take my money already! The iPhone6 and 6 Plus have been formally announced. I’m not sure if I can afford buying the new Apple Watch to go along with it though.  

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Apple Special Event 9.9.2014

Apple special event

Finally! Confirmation of an Apple special event as the company has formally sent invites confirming 09-SEP-2014 (that’s the 9.9.2014 bit in the invite) as THE DATE for their special announcement. Like Moses wandering the Sinai for 40 years before finding the Promised Land, my time with the POS known as the LG Neon dumbphone might […]

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RBC photo by the Canadian Press

Royal Bank

The Royal Bank of Canada (TSX: RY) just reported its third-quarter results this morning (link). Net income for the period ended July 31, 2014 climbed 4% to a record $2.38 billion, or $1.59 a share. The same quarter in 2013 showed net income of $2.29 billion, or $1.51 per share, so excellent YoY performance. Adjusted […]

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Apple App Store


Life on a dumbphone these past few months has been more than painful on a myriad of levels, the least of which being that LG probably went out of its way to design a truly idiotic UI for it. That and its on-again/off-again touchscreen that pocket dials and yet resists attempts to accept input when […]

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Jodorowsky’s Dune

Today is US Independence Day and my pal Jeannette thinks that my idea to walk around in public eating a vodka-infused watermelon with a spork and silly straw is insane. I say, what’s wrong with watermelon? It’s a fruit and it’s recommended to get 5 to 10 portions a day. And watermelons are delicious. I […]

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Lamb rump

Today be Saint Patty’s Day, which commemorates the Apostle of Ireland banishing snakes from the Emerald Isle. Or were they truly snakes, as the Irish fossil record indicates that at no time has there ever snakes in Ireland for Saint Patrick to banish. Mainstream historians and the Ch*rch would suggest that the snakes were an […]

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New server

After what seemed to be an eternity repeating how I would do it, I have finally brought the new server online and moved the blog onto it. The details don’t matter since more hardware will be brought in over the coming months to expand the server micro-farm, but new hardware + new server software => […]

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Technologic awkwardness

It’s the end of an era of sorts. After more than seven years of more-or-less stable service, my SonyEricsson P990i smartphone has finally given up the ghost. Actually the unit’s been doing a protracted death scene √† la Paul Reubens in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (watch the scene here) for quite some time but I […]

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Wow – Laura Martinez of Mi blog es tu blog was right: NAFTA really did suck for Canadians. We send the auto manufacturing jobs, energy and natural resources south, and what did we get? ‚Ķtortillas for $5 per kg. And not particularly fresh ones at that price either. I pass this particular unnamed stand every […]

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