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You’re how old?

Generally that question prefaces the start of a more serious conversation which often begins with some iteration of “Honestly Officer, I didn’t know [insert your choice of subject statement here].” A helpful note of advice to anyone out there – this is not a conversation you want or should be involved in if you happen […]

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These are some grapes that I purchased recently. Neither variety is seedless, though the skins on the black one are somewhat thicker than the green ones. They do have nuances in flavor. Just so’s you know, I prefer that the green ones be peeled in a spiral-cut manner starting from the stem end in a […]

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Fun my pal Ronny is having

Fun my pal Ronny is having

Ah yes, after some quality time battling the Flying Monkeys, my pal Ronny got the opportunity to pull on some blue rubber gloves. Oh – just so’s you know, those aren’t her arms in the photo. Be sure to take a deep breath…  

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Ms Glaze about to go medieval on lobsters

My pal Amy Glaze

My friend Amy Glaze (that’s Ms. Glaze to you) is a real culinary bada$$. She is a great chef with boundless creativity who performs exceptionally well under pressure: we’re talking about a woman who’s more than held her own on the line in some of the top restaurant kitchens and a woman who still completed a catering job after […]

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Hot monkey love

It’s publications like these that makes science so much fun, and has me thinking that Howard Chaykin was more prescient than he intended to be with his 80s-era oeuvre American Flagg! You remember this comic book… Martian Reuben Flagg gets assigned to the Chicago Nexus Ranger station and winds up having to work with Raul, the talking cat who […]

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