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A&W Canada Beyond Meat Burger

Beyond Meat

No, I didn’t go vegan or Soylent (which is made from people, so ick). A&W Canada (which is entirely independent of the American chain with the same name, and which, unlike its American namesake, has a corporate stance on improved animal welfare with third party verification in its supply chain) has been making a bit […]

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Buffet Fu Lam

Goodbye to the buffet

Yes, after 18 months give or take I finally have to bid goodbye to the Buffet Fu Lam. This is the desolation that was my former observation post. And this would be one last look at at the Buffet. It’s that green blob on the right. The following is a shot of the new environment. […]

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Kazan's Panic in the Streets

Panic in the streets

It’s the Rapture! There’s Panic in the Streets! Why? Alberta is now under the Orange Hammer and Sickle, as it has elected the New Democratic Party to a majority government, ousting the provincial Progressive Conservatives after 44 years of non-stop rule and relegating the former ruling party to third to boot. They even elected a […]

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Highly Cited Research

Thomson Reuters came out with a list of the 3200 most influential researchers in science based on citations, and all I can say is wow, did my alma mater suck. Two names made it based on the compilation of highly cited research, meaning that we represented 0.0625% of the group. What really stings is that […]

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Wow – Laura Martinez of Mi blog es tu blog was right: NAFTA really did suck for Canadians. We send the auto manufacturing jobs, energy and natural resources south, and what did we get? …tortillas for $5 per kg. And not particularly fresh ones at that price either. I pass this particular unnamed stand every […]

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I rule

Heck yes! 657 days from the day when I suggested people start developing hairy palms, I successfully and accurately complete a memorable presentation where no one will ever forget what demonstrated a positive trend but was not statistically significant actually means in the real world. I poked holes where I was supposed to poke holes, […]

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Pontiac Fiero GT

Is that a Fiero?

Why yes. Yes it was. And that is indeed the line used by Gil Grissom in the CSI episode “4×4”. It appears to be a modified 1985 GT in gold and with the firebird pegasus insignia to boot. I spotted it and shot the photo while waiting to purchasing less-expensive fuel just before the skies opened up for […]

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Kick Me

Could today get any worse?

Well, today certainly sucked. Let’s see… Started off the day by being late to the first presentation. As in actually buzzed by senior staff to see why I wasn’t already in the meeting room late. Then I proceeded to suck for three straight iterations of the same presentation. You think I’d learn from the first slip-up, but no… […]

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C’est qui ton papa?

No, it’s not the sales slogan of Philadelphia-area paternity lawyers nor the mobile DNA lab in New York City. And though hilarity may ensue, not necessarily the the most appropriate informal greeting to suggest one use when meeting and greeting French-born colleagues. The site looks inactive but plenty of of stuff in the background to […]

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