Could today get any worse?

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Well, today certainly sucked.

Let’s see…

Started off the day by being late to the first presentation. As in actually buzzed by senior staff to see why I wasn’t already in the meeting room late.

Then I proceeded to suck for three straight iterations of the same presentation. You think I’d learn from the first slip-up, but no… I just had to find an all-new way to screw up for each of the remaining two tries.

So I ask: could today get any worse?

Why, yes. Yes it could. Much, much worse. As in culminating in the fourth presentation where a mental slip had me inadvertently suggesting an alternate treatment to reducing stress in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The word I was trying to blurt out was meditate, but no, I suggested an activity which will eventually afflict the person with hairy palms.


Certainly not one for the ages. I’m hoping it will end better than it started, but then again, I’m currently sitting in an empty conference room because it’s the only place I can find active Internet access.

This is right up there with the “not mandatory but highly recommended that you go out and bond with the co-workers that hate you” hayride back in 2007 where there was nothing but caramel-tinis to drink and that one woman who wouldn’t stop punching me.


2 Responses to Could today get any worse?

  1. Betsy Payne Watson September 24, 2009 at 09:46 #


    I have really enjoyed reading your blog, but the latest edition required a comment.

    Just keep in mind that tomorrow will be a better day. I am sure you learned something from this terrible day.

    • ivan September 24, 2009 at 22:12 #


      I learned that I need to get some sleep before doing presentations and to also check the hotel room alarm clock to make sure that it isn’t 15 minutes behind the real time. Let’s just say that they at least got a hearty laugh from the vocabulary selection.

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