Election Day

 Today is (finally!) Election Day here North of the 49th as the 42nd Federal Election finally comes to a conclusion after 78 days. Ugh – an interminable length of time here, but certainly better than the 4 year cycle that seems to be a part of the American presidential system.

Me? I voted already in the advance polls back at Canadian Thanksgiving (you know, the good one) because you never know when I might get yanked out to do something unexpected. So I spent my day cajoling other people to vote and reading up on the final op/ed pieces that have been streaming in as official campaigning ended at 11:59 PM yesterday.

There were a couple of surprises, such as Conrad Black actually endorsing Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party (in the National Post no less), because the man is a Conservative and openly critical of non-Conservative governments (the Liberal government under Jean Chrétien blocked his peerage to the British House of Lords), and the Globe and Mail’s idiotic editorial endorsement of the Conservative Party but not its leader Stephen Harper. Really? Hall but not Oates? Great way to live up to one’s convictions. Black on the other hand, just seems to be annoyed by the leadership of the party he supports, but the piece raised eyebrows nonetheless.

Two which were not so surprising included Senator Patrick Brazeau, a senator appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who sent out a formal Twitter endorsement of Justin Trudeau as he’s been on an ABC voting track for some time since being subsequently sold down the river by the PM.

Senator Patrick Brazeau public endorsement of Justin Trudeau

The a$$-whupping he’s referring to is a charity boxing match from 2012 to raise funds for cancer research. The bout was carried in its entirety by the now-defunct Sun News Network.

The second is of course, the Canadian election being mocked south of the border, because that’s what happens pretty much every election. This particular biting commentary over Election 42 is from John Oliver who purports to be in flagrant violation of Section 331 of the Canada Elections Act (warning! dullsville – the law link that is, not the Oliver clip).

Plus ça change… I have to admit that following Oliver’s presentation, our election shenanigans are rather “provincial” relative to say, the current GOP candidacy process. But hey! that’s what’s fun about a democracy.

At the end of the day, I hope everyone with the right to vote goes out to exercise their franchise.

It doesn’t matter if the candidates from the Big Five parties don’t turn your crank, because there are independents and candidates from recognized parties, including:

  • the Communists,
  • the Marxist-Leninists (theoretically Maoists in spite of their support of Enver Hoxha in Albania),
  • Strength and Democracy (formerly Forces et Démocratie until they started fielding candidates outside the chez nous),
  • the Pirates,
  • the Margaret Atwood fiction-turned-fact Christian Heritage (our version of the Tea Party movement within the GOP, except that Christian Heritage is an actual separate registered party),
  • Libertarians (it’s not just in Vermont) and
  • last but not least, the Rhinos.

A whole cornucopia of choice! especially the neoRhinos, as they want to nationalize Tim Hortons (presently owned by Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital), guarantee monthly orgasms (good luck with that one – we’re Canadians) and replace loto winnings with Senate appointments. If you think about it, a Senate appointment is exactly like winning the lottery as you sit in the Upper Chamber until the age of 75 and wouldn’t ever have to put up with cold domestic Camembert.

Polls close here in the chez nous at 21:30 EDT. For the theoretically possible readers of this blog from Newfoundland and Labrador you still have a couple of minutes before polls close, and the Atlantic provinces close 30 minutes after that. If you don’t go out to vote, you don’t get the privilege of complaining about our new government tomorrow morning.


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