Get Lucky

Ah, that quintessential phrase, “get lucky.” It means a lot of things depending of course on context.

The Urban DictionaryOf course, for those of you with minds in the gutter, there’s the Urban Dictionary definition of get lucky. Depending on where you work, you might want to look up that link either on your smartphone or other device not connected to the corporate firewall/content filter. I’ll save you the click by stating that it’s an alternative means to describing the Biblical Sense.

Let us instead stick to alternate definitions, most of which are melodious in nature.

Get Lucky is the name of the second studio album of Calgary hard rock band Loverboy, which used to be popular way back in the 80s. I’ve never really been a fan of Loverboy; their music was a bit grating back in the day and listening to it now immediately evokes “dinosaur act” as much of the discography is a throwback to the big hair period of the early 80s (it’s not exactly like I have big hair to begin with). My biggest problem with Loverboy is actually not with Loverboy itself but with the McGill University Study Society, which booked Loverboy to play in the University Ballroom in my freshman year at $10 per ticket. Problem was, there were 400 tickets, the MUSS executive kept them all for themselves and their little friends, and we later found out that MUSS had to subsidize the concert to the tune of about $30 per ticket in addition to the promoter’s booking fees to get Loverboy to play such a tiny venue. That would be $30 of my obligatory student services fees that went to giving the MUSS executive a free concert with a big hair band, and yes, I’m still angry about it because the university didn’t see a problem with this type of corruption.

Anyway, Get Luck is also the name of the eleventh studio album of the Little River Band, though I’m not too sure how many people still listen to that Australian folk rock act, as that style of music is about as popular with the mainstream as Mantovani, Gregorian chant, and perhaps singing cats. Not sure about the cats, pretty sure about the first two.

As we continue on with the music theme, Get Lucky is probably best known in the here and now as the name of the 2013 hit by Daft Punk, the French house music act that also unleashed the horrors of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack upon the unsuspecting world. That’s probably a little over the top, because the soundtrack was okay while the underlying film was what smelled of used shared gym socks. I can’t complain about the song – it’s pretty catchy and I have it on my running playlist.

This is a little *.ogg snippet from Wikipedia if you’ve never heard it before.

If you like it, a full version is available on iTunes, so’s you know. $1.29 in Canada for 6+ minutes of performance.

If you’re musically inclined and play a string instrument, you can even DIY and belt it out on your ukelele.

Get Lucky Solo

Anyway, Get Lucky the song was pretty popular, winning a Grammy, selling over 9 million copies, and getting covered by other acts including Tom Jones, Weird Al Yankovic, and Fall Out Boy. The Russians really love this song as the Red Army Choir has performed it on multiple occasions, and the Choir  of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation (Министерство внутренних дел) even performed Get Lucky as part of the Sochi Opening Ceremonies. Those would be the Games where Vladimir fanned the flames of the Russian Federation’s anti-LBGT sentiment while simultaneously striking a (stereotypical h0m0-er0tic) manly-man pose with a Photoshopped Northern pike, but I digress…

Vladimir hooks big pike on "fishing trip"

So what about moi? Did I get lucky?

Not in the Vladimir sense that is – I’m talking grape juice. The answer is…



Not even close for the 2012.

Better luck next time for 2013 I guess.

She’s up all night till the sun,
I’m up all night to get some.
She’s up all night for good fun,
I’m up all night to get lucky.
We’re up all night till the sun,
We’re up all night to get some.
We’re up all night for good fun,
We’re up all night to get lucky.

Boop boop boop be de doop boop, boop boop de de boop boop, boop boop de de doop boop…



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