Today is Groundhog Day! People celebrate other things too but the majority seem to be interested in digging up hibernating groundhogs (Marmota monax) to see if they can predict the weather. No, really!

Anyway, the groundhogs are split in their predictions as Wiarton Willie saw his shadow as he was roused out of his sleep, whereas neither Shubenacadie Sam nor the lesser-known wannabe Winnipeg Willow saw theirs. We won’t talk about that American poseur Punxsutawney Phil, because of all the predicting groundhogs, his “prediction” is fixed ahead of time by humans. Ugh – it’s like 1919 all over again.

Anyway, I don’t really follow the prognostications of groundhogs (though Marmota monax is edible and actually quite delicious if cooked properly) as spring will still arrive with the arrival of the equinox in 46 days. Get the ingredients for your Nowruz¬†Sabzi Polo Mahi sooner rather than later – the times goes like that. Given that the Big Croissant is currently experiencing a bit of high winds and blowing snow and the coincidental lack of snowplows and salt trucks, I’m just pleasantly surprised I can observe see the Buffet Fu Lam in the distance.

A Groundhog Day view of the Buffet Fu Lam

If you’re wondering, there’s nothing really “must-see” currently playing right now at the Spheretech.



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