Happy 2015!

Happy 2015! It’s the Gregorian New Year (also known as “not the good one”) today so health and prosperity to those who come to this site that aren’t ‘bots. Yes, there are some actual readers out there.

I don’t have a good image of a drunk robot to commemorate the start of this year, but I can at least say that 2014 blogging went way better than 2013 blogging. Not in terms of actual content creation since I only wrote 38 posts, but readership is way way up from 2329 visitors/spambots in 2013 to 4476 in 2014. That’s an almost 100% increase in traffic.

And what continues to be the most popular blogpost? Prawn cocktail. Many many people (though mostly from the UK), seem to be interested in this kitschy throwback to the 1960s and I think that my rectangular interpretation is either attracting or repulsing those looking for prawn cocktail.

I spent the last day of 2014 trying to be altruistic by making a meal for four trapped lost souls, an endeavor which ultimately had me swearing off one particular kosher butcher (it’s not that he’s a kosher butcher, it’s that he has no skill and over-represents his lack of talent).

We won’t look at the main, but I’m particularly happy how the salad came out. The photo is incomplete (no radish slices yet), but Chef Amy will recognize it immediately in spite of the presence of radicchio of unknown provenance.

New Year's Eve salad

No, it wasn’t like prison or anything like that, but the four were stuck on a timer that I managed to spring fifteen minutes early. Want to know how to make four people really happy? Well, you don’t make friends with salad! you don’t make friends with salad! (10 minute video loop here) but an extra fifteen minutes does amazing things. Sometimes it’s just the small things that matter.

And how did I ring in 2015? Three generations of Jedi, goose livers, the tender bits of a cow on a spit, and a Catal├ín trick of consuming a dozen grapes to a specific beat over an incredibly short temporal interval. You get the idea. It’s like Vegas – no regrets, no witnesses, no cameras.



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