He’s still dead

While we continue to be inundated with effectively non-stop coverage of the dumpster fire that is the current political milieu south of the 49th, today so happens to be the 40th anniversary of the Death of Elvis Presley.

Yes, he’s still dead, though I’m pretty sure that some ancient astronaut theorist is going to claim that he’s been resurrected/reanimated/cloned (you pick – they’re all good) and living on Gliese 581G with our ancient alien ancestors.

I’m ambivalent about the King of Rock and Roll. I like his music, I think he’ll eventually become a religion, and I think the ’68 Comeback Special was probably one of the greatest career reinventions ever broadcast.

Then again, his death = worst birthday ever.

So, here’s to Elvis Aaron Presley. But he’s still dead, no matter what you might think.

[aside: for those who didn’t know, that’s really Elvis’s granddaughter Riley Keough playing the part of “Capable” in Fury Road]



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  1. MsGlaze August 17, 2017 at 23:35 #

    Dumpster fire indeed! Every day there is a new catastrophe: nuclear standoff with N. Korea, kkk uprisings in Virginia, healthcare “reform”– are you guys going to help us out of this mess or what?!?? Hmmmm… he aint nothin but a hound dawg i guess….

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