Did I ever mention that I know a couple that routinely buys lottery tickets as part of their planning to save up for a down-payment on a home purchase? No joke – it sounds like idiocy on their part because you could save the cost of that lottery tickey, but then I tell you the bit on how they want to buy the home in Vancouver, where the average cost of a detached house is now north of $1.9 million. Yes, that would be 1.9 million Canadian dollars, but still one spicy meatball.

I generally don’t do a whole lot of lotto, primarily because the lottery prizes north of the 49th aren’t like the US Powerball in that they aren’t generally high enough to make me want to throw away a dollar or several. The other reason is because I need to conserve money for the more important things in life, like server upgrades and sweet, sweet booze, because while computers don’t grow on trees, the good grape juice can have some eye-searing prices.

And speaking of lottery, it’s that time again, where the local monopoly releases its pre-release sales catalog for the wines of the 2012 vintage in Bourgogne. They fixed the title from last year’s erroneous one, and the spanking-new “Bourgogne Cuvée 2012” catalog lists what? Domaine Leflaive’s Puligny-Montrachet “Les Pucelles“.

Puligny-Montrachet « Les Pucelles »

As with every year since 2007, I dutifully log in on order day (today), pull out credit card to place order, receive confirmation of receipt and wait until Allocation Day. They’ve changed the email response this go-around though:

Lottery: April 27, 2015, this confirmation does not guarantee the allocation of products ordered. If demand exceeds supply, a lottery will be conducted.
Confirmation of the number of bottles that have been allocated and charged : April 29, 2015

Oh really? Lottery! I guess I should run out and order a copy of this:


Or maybe just follow my own advice and save that money for the more important things like next year’s Bourgogne lottery. 17 more days to go before I see whether or not I “get lucky”.



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