May 17

So today is May 17. It’s already pas mid-month and the highlight of the day is receiving my notice of assessment where I’m told I need to remit more (boo…).

May 17 is a bit different in Scandinavia, as the five million or so Norwegians wave flags to fête syttende mai, which is also known as Nasjonaldagen (Constitution Day). While there’s significant history behind it, syttende mai seems to be very pleasant and pretty inclusive especially in its modern form, especially as there are children’s parades everywhere.

Then again, I’m in Canada, that unmarked land mass on most maps that our neighbors south of the 49th parallel might have seen in grade school (presuming they will still have schools especially with the best efforts of their current secretary of education to maintain quality institutions like DeVry).

I think there are some Norwegians in Canada, though I seriously doubt they’d be able to convince Canadians to do a Norwegian ex-pat version of syttende mai, because in Canada, May 17 happens to be National Caesar Day. Not Caesar like in Rome, Caesar like the cocktail.

I like mine with extra hot sauce and clam juice.


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