Other Ivan Shaws

These are a few of the other Ivan Shaws on the Internet that you may have been looking for. Hint: I’m not any of them.

  • Ivan Shaw, the Taiwanese-American actor who played Henry Chen on ABC’s soap opera “All My Children” (note: Google scores him highest).
    Wikipedia · IMDb · AMC
  • Ivan Shaw, the aerospace engineer (note: link opens to the corporate website of Ivan’s company).
  • Ivan Shaw, an ichthyologist with an interest in cichlids and other fish.
    web(1) · web(2)
  • Ivan Shaw, an individual who stood for election for the Reform Party of Canada in the riding of Tobique-Mactaquac (New Brunswick) during the 1997 campaign (note: Reform under Preston Manning won 60 seats and became the Official Opposition, but Ivan lost to Gilles Bernier of the Progressive Conservatives).
  • Ivan Shaw, the lawyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan (note: this is not an endorsement).
  • Ivan Shaw, a member of the music group “Coming of Age” (note: contrary to popular opinion, I don’t sing).
  • Ivan Shaw, a 23-year old male self-professed photographer from Perth, Australia.
    web · MySpace