2005 Château Pichon-Longueville, Comtesse de Lalande

They are here

Yep. They are here indeed. This particular magnum and the remaining 231 pounds of wine arrived safely, and I even got everything to fit. Now to consider drinking some of it.

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They are coming

They are coming

Uh, no – not the Blue Berets to cart off my evidence of extraterrestrial visitations and targeted panspermia, but rather my wine. They are coming indeed. I have finally discovered a method to retrieve the wines I purchased at Nancy Carten’s Kensington Wine Market (one of the great places to visit) without actually making the trek […]

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Italian Wines for Dummies

Italian wines

My father is off to see an old friend and has asked for my help in getting a couple of bottles of wine as a present for the visit. Stay within a stated budget, should be approachable now but possibly held for a couple of years, and they have to be reds from Italy. No […]

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Ms Glaze about to go medieval on lobsters

My pal Amy Glaze

My friend Amy Glaze (that’s Ms. Glaze to you) is a real culinary bada$$. She is a great chef with boundless creativity who performs exceptionally well under pressure: we’re talking about a woman who’s more than held her own on the line in some of the top restaurant kitchens and a woman who still completed a catering job after […]

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Decarie Hot Dog's hot dog

One all-dressed “steamé”

One all-dressed steamé: the quintessential Montréal steamed hot dog as served at Décarie Hot Dog. “All-dressed” means a topping of coleslaw, onions and mustard, not everything that’s available. You know you want one. Or several.   Décarie Hot Dog 953 Décarie BoulevardSaint-Laurent, QCH4L 3M3Tel : +1 (514) 748-7213

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Hot monkey love

It’s publications like these that makes science so much fun, and has me thinking that Howard Chaykin was more prescient than he intended to be with his 80s-era oeuvre American Flagg! You remember this comic book… Martian Reuben Flagg gets assigned to the Chicago Nexus Ranger station and winds up having to work with Raul, the talking cat who […]

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Tampopo - Gun gives his opinion on the noodles

Quest for noodles

Want to hear something that will give you the willies? “Eric has ordered special pies.” Okay, so special pie willies aside, this is all about the noodle. I really like noodles. I’m not talking pasta – that’s entirely different and since the demise of Pranzo’s it’s often a take it or leave it proposition for […]

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The grilled cheese sandwich

Comfort foods, as I have come to realize, are not something that I do well. I’m not talking about the foods and dishes that I grew up as I do have sensory memory associations with those and make them when I want a nice welcoming meal. It’s more along the lines of making comfort foods that […]

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Kick Me

Could today get any worse?

Well, today certainly sucked. Let’s see… Started off the day by being late to the first presentation. As in actually buzzed by senior staff to see why I wasn’t already in the meeting room late. Then I proceeded to suck for three straight iterations of the same presentation. You think I’d learn from the first slip-up, but no… […]

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Asparagus and crab soup

  What you’re looking at is a photo of an authentic asparagus and crab soup (súp măng tây cua). Okay, so the service in a martini glass and the inclusion of a coriander leaf isn’t so traditional authentic, but the underlying soup certainly is. [aside: I can confirm that the person who made it is indeed Vietnamese, though that […]

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