Panic in the streets

Kazan's Panic in the Streets

It’s the Rapture! There’s Panic in the Streets! Why?

Alberta is now under the Orange Hammer and Sickle, as it has elected the New Democratic Party to a majority government, ousting the provincial Progressive Conservatives after 44 years of non-stop rule and relegating the former ruling party to third to boot. They even elected a Liberal (one).

The New Democrats. In Alberta. This would have been unthinkable a month ago.

What next?

Ted Cruz giving up his run for the GOP nomination to throw his full undying support for Hillary in 2016?

Actually that might be possible, especially as Ted’s Canadian.

I won’t go into how Lorne Greene might have helped create a secret program to insinuate Canadian sleeper agents into American society for the purposes of eventually controlling the Republic south of the 49th parallel as that’s just a “theory”. Lorne Greene. Green Card. Lorne Greene. Green Card…

Ted Cruz is Canadian!

And Ted’s still Canadian. You can renounce citizenship all you want (e.g. Conrad Black) but you can’t escape being a northern socialist. Your fellow Canucks know that once you’ve had a taste of socialized medicine and inexpensive (relative to the United States) prescription medications, you’ll be coming back for more.

Surprisingly The Birthers aren’t really all over this as they were with Barack, especially as Ted’s father was a member of Fidel Castro’s guerrillas who overthrew Bautista back in 1959, but I suspect they’re still too busy making aluminum hats and urging Michelle Bachmann to try again.



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