I get asked about restaurants. A lot. Especially around 3:45 PM Monday afternoons for dinner that same Monday night. So rather than conforming to Einstein’s definition of insanity by repeating the same information time and again, why not do myself a favor by driving traffic and have everyone come here to look up the information themselves? Win-win!

This list is one of those works in progress and entries will be added, updated and deleted depending on the fortunes of each establishment. If a restaurant is here, I’ve tried it. If it isn’t here, either I haven’t added it yet, I haven’t tried it, or I have and had deemed that it does not merit inclusion (there are lots of those). There’s no set rule to what gets included: there’s an establishment selling tube steaks, there’s a Michelin 3-star, and there’s almost everything in-between. That 3-star isn’t on this continent though.

This handy icon guide will help spot the standouts quickly if you decide that it’s not worth the attention span to diligently read through the comments. It’s repeated on all subpages so that you don’t have to keep flipping back here.


(you really should go)
You really need to go
(really – you do)
Excellent wine list Bring money
(relative to locale)
Bring lots of money (you’ve been warned)


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