Service changes

I received the following email earlier this afternoon to advise me that 1) the local liquor monopoly that marks up Bordeaux futures by as much as 70% as compared to the identical futures listings in France and which restricts choice is currently in a labor dispute, and 2) they regret not being able to provide the usual service and experience. They suggest that I use the e-commerce offerings, agency stores (not open to the general public) and convenience stores, which focus mostly on plonk.

Wow! That’s a relief, because I was afraid that the temporary service changes might mean that I wouldn’t be shaken down for my lunch money by the provincial crown corporation.

I guess they feel a need to demonstrate good management especially in light of the start of the provincial election campaign tomorrow.

This stems from a contractual dispute which among other things is currently discussing staffing of permanent employees on weekends and working conditions for part-time employees. I’m okay with improving the lot of part-time employees since they generally don’t get a whole lot apart from that paycheque, but the permanent employees are working retail, and the current reality is that retail is open on weekends.

So what to do about these service changes? This is the second of SIX strike days the union has voted to hold. Do I put up with them and go shop at the local convenience store? Do I scramble to find one of the few outlets that’s currently staffed by management in the hopes that they might have an overpriced option I want to pop and pour while screaming shut up and take my money?

Oh wait – I suddenly realize I don’t have to do anything because I do contingency planning and learned from the 2004 strike. Apart from buying almost all of my drink options from private import, direct or in the land of choice and no provincial sales tax, I’m sitting on a small reserve of bottles. Small.

♬♬ we shall overcome… ♬♬



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