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Service changes - temporary labor dispute

Service changes

I received the following email earlier this afternoon to advise me that 1) the local liquor monopoly that marks up Bordeaux futures by as much as 70% as compared to the identical futures listings in France and which restricts choice is currently in a labor dispute, and 2) they regret not being able to provide […]

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War of the Worlds

October 30

October 30 is a day that’s pretty famous in sports and entertainment. In 1945, Jackie Robinson signed a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers that effectively broke the color line in professional baseball. And boxing fans remember October 30 as the day The Rumble in the Jungle was held in Kinshasa back in 1974. That’s the […]

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Reinterpreted smoked meat sandwich, "lean"

Smoked meat

Montreal smoked meat appears to be one of those “must try” things for non-vegan tourists who come to the Big Croissant. It’s beef brisket that’s been cured in a pepper and coriander-heavy dry rub for days, before being hot smoked and then steamed prior to service. The origin appears to be the Romanian Jewish population […]

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Price gouging on wines

Price gouging

Did you know that in the United States, price gouging is apparently illegal following a declared state of emergency? I actually never would have guessed because the last time I was caught in a declared state of emergency was during the lead-up to Tropical Storm Fay, and I could’ve sworn that those normally 99-cent bottles […]

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Culturally-relevant cereal

Breakfast cereal

I like Laura Martinez’s blog Mi blog es tu blog because apart from letting Canadians know we’re getting ripped off on fresh tortillas as a result of the Mulroney Conservatives signing NAFTA, she also offers interesting insight into Latin culture at least in its interpretation in the Republic South of the 49th Parallel. Her latest […]

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Hot chicken

I like me a nice sandwich as much as the next guy, but I happen to like my sandwiches “dry”, as in I shouldn’t be obliged to use a knife and fork to eat one. It isn’t the portability issue or the mess, it’s just that I’m not huge on soggy bread, so things like […]

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Antoine Sicotte Le Cuisinier Rebelle

Antoine Sicotte

Antoine Sicotte is a very odd Janus sort of individual in that at one level he’s¬†known as one of the two musicians who founded the chez nous R&B pop rock group Sky, and at another level he’s a rather wild and wacky television chef known as Le Cuisinier Rebelle on Zeste.tv, the chez nous specialty […]

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