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sushi platter - raw

Year of the Dog

Happy Lunar New Year! That would be the good one. Today kicks off the Year of the Dog (狗), or more specifically, the Year of the Earth Dog. The current Year of the Dog is supposed to be a generally good year, but requiring some hard work, perseverance, and fiscal responsibility. I think things will […]

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Haw-Di-I Bull Head "Original" BBQ Sauce

Water spinach

It appears that someone doesn’t like my writing about Cheetos. In the past I would have ID’d the IP address and written a reply which would have ended with “… and the horse you rode in on”, but I’m above that now, so I’ve only deleted the narrow-minded comment and will stick with saying “I […]

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Apple roses

Year of the Monkey

Happy Lunar New Year! That would be the good one. Today kicks off the Year of the Monkey (猴), or more specifically, the Year of the Fire Monkey. Depending on the circles that one runs in, it’s either supposed to be a rollercoaster because the Monkey is lively, but I’ll look to 孫 悟 空 (Sun Wu-kong;  […]

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Close-up of the toriwasa


to·ri·wa·sa とりわさ n. chicken which is lightly seared on the outside while the inside remains raw   You read that right: toriwasa is the word for the feared-by-Westerners dish of tataki (たたき) style raw/rare chicken. Quaking yet? You’re not necessarily the only one as there is a debate going on in one of the Chowhound […]

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Year of the Horse

Happy Lunar New Year! That would be the good one. Today kicks off the Year of the Horse (馬 午), or more specifically, the Year of the Wood Horse. It’s an important year for me for a couple of reasons, but the now-ended Year of the Snake was more of a rollercoaster than anticipated so it’s […]

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I don’t have Portuguese cuisine very often, primarily because the Big Croissant’s restaurant options fall into a handful of higher-end eateries and a lot of grill places. I used to go to Ferreira a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed watching Carlos Ferreira popping bottle after bottle of nothing but vintage for his entourage. That became an […]

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Hot chicken

I like me a nice sandwich as much as the next guy, but I happen to like my sandwiches “dry”, as in I shouldn’t be obliged to use a knife and fork to eat one. It isn’t the portability issue or the mess, it’s just that I’m not huge on soggy bread, so things like […]

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Sesame oil chicken soup

I started off 2013 by getting hammered by an extra-special potentiated variant of this year’s flu. How hammered? I can’t recall being this ill for the past couple of decades, and I don’t recall much about the time I was ill either. Unconsciousness will do that to you. I also appear to have lost a […]

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Year of the Snake

新年快樂 ! Happy New Year! you know, the good one. 😀 The very eventful Year of the Dragon has drawn to a close and the apparently calm and tranquil Year of the Snake is formally underway. As with every year, lots of last-minute cleaning to sweep last year’s blah out the door and prep the […]

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The winning lettuce cup

Battle Lettuce Cup

I like cooking competitions. Or more specifically, I like watching cooking competitions because I’m really not the ideal person who should compete in one. It’s not that I don’t have any basic kitchen skills or think that I can’t do well. Butter? It’s not just for the taste – I also enjoy its secondary ability to […]

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