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A&W Canada Beyond Meat Burger

Beyond Meat

No, I didn’t go vegan or Soylent (which is made from people, so ick). A&W Canada (which is entirely independent of the American chain with the same name, and which, unlike its American namesake, has a corporate stance on improved animal welfare with third party verification in its supply chain) has been making a bit […]

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filetes de boquerĂ³n


I haven’t been cooking much lately for a variety of reasons (multiple holes, suggestions that the NCEP is actually a fun and tasty thing to do, etc etc), but I recently set up to do a tapas service to get back in the swing of things (the full set is on Instagram if you’re curious). […]

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Laurus nobilis tag

Bay leaf

At this point, I get to stand up and say “ha-ha!” as soon there will be no more generic bay leaf of indeterminate origin and unknown provenance in my cooking. Nope. Nada. I finally got of my can and went out to buy a bay leaf plant. But not just any old bay leaf plant: […]

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I like meat. My mother tells me that it’s a food that I apparently gravitated to very soon after starting to eat solids. Having a meal with meat makes me happy and when I’ve had a particularly bad day, something meaty turns that frown upside-down. I’m going to define “meat” as protein from an animal […]

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Ah, the humble lentil. The lens-shaped legumes are little nutritional powerhouses, with 30% of their caloric hit as protein and offering 18 of the 20 essential amino acids without even trying (trying results in all 20 being available from lentils), along with plenty of fibre, folate, vitamin B1, minerals and absorbable iron for the anemic. […]

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The culinary term is squab

That’s right! I got me a pigeon. The culinary term is squab, but we all know it’s pigeon (Columba livia domestica). Not some nasty winged vermin that roams around in city parks that are being sold from the back of a beat-up white van in Chinatown, but ones that are being specifically and carefully raised […]

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Gingras aged cider vinegar

Gingras cider vinegar

Well, this was an interesting find: Gingras cider vinegar. Big whoop right? Wrong. This stuff is an apple cider vinegar that has been aged for twelve years in oak casks. An interesting alternative to the regular cider vinegars that I’ve used, but not a universal product for everything. $9.99 for the 500 mL jug.

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