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Bloody Caesar

May 17

So today is May 17. It’s already pas mid-month and the highlight of the day is receiving my notice of assessment where I’m told I need to remit more (boo…). May 17 is a bit different in Scandinavia, as the five million or so Norwegians wave flags to fête syttende mai, which is also known […]

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From reading Viestad’s quote on the matter, it is likely that I would certainly be a rather unpopular stop on the Norwegian afternoon coffee circuit. I actually purchased a DVD copy of New Scandinavian Cooking and the accompanying cookbook several years ago because I found the original host Andreas Viestad rather genial in the manner […]

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Gümmi Behr is coming

Don’t you just love the title? Gümmi Behr is coming! And this is a cantaloupe. I have been very slowly watching Mystery Incorporated, primarily because the stoopid series keeps going on hiatus until episode production catches up to broadcast requirements, but the series has finally concluded with a somewhat unsatisfying final three episodes which had […]

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Stopover in Stockholm

Sweden! Homeland of Volvos, reasonably-priced flat-pack furniture, and 2-metre tall blond women. That’s the stereotype anyway. [notabene: This is a retro post. It was the week before Hallowe’en 2011 at the time of the trip and the initial blogpost draft was being done in almost real-time, so none of the grammatical tense makes sense. Just […]

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