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Traditional breakfast

Miso Hungry

I can tell that I’m getting old because apart from constantly suppressing the urge to yell “get off my lawn, you kids!”, my taste in movies has started trending into documentaries. I already scribbled about Jodorowsky’s Dune, but a recent one combined documentary with food interest, Tim Delmastro’s travelogue and dieting experiment Miso Hungry. Me, […]

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Rice Tales

I used to travel a whole lot but don’t do a whole lot anymore. However, I did have an opportunity to be in Vancouver(!) albeit for a very short while. YVR is very different following the 2010 Winter Olympics – they’ve done a great job modernizing the airport (self-serve Customs check-in? yes please!) and the […]

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So Retro

Pan-seared foie gras

An exciting blast from the past, in more ways than one. I got a phone call from my pal Nancy, with whom I’m more than likely in the doghouse with for oh, not keeping in touch. Nancy and I go way back when we were both at this agency run by dysfunctional BILs and this […]

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