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filetes de boquerón


I haven’t been cooking much lately for a variety of reasons (multiple holes, suggestions that the NCEP is actually a fun and tasty thing to do, etc etc), but I recently set up to do a tapas service to get back in the swing of things (the full set is on Instagram if you’re curious). […]

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People laugh at me when they see me ordering meat from my boucher. I order poultry by count, I order pork by subprimal (shoulder, leg) or count (head, belly), or linear measure (loin), and I order beef by subprimal or lineal measure. My boucher Éric doesn’t laugh though, and neither does Brigitte the owner of […]

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Rita Hayworth - now you know why the Spanish went crazy for her

La Gilda

La Gilda: a donostiarra pintxo created in honor of Rita Hayworth, her performance in the 1946 film Gilda, and her cementing of the black cocktail dress as the key fashion element to anchor a woman’s social wardrobe (she would have loved Christian Louboutin). This is a pretty simple pintxo: it’s just an olive, an anchovy […]

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