What’s with another do-over?

Gee, it seems like only what, February? since I relaunched this blog? So why oh why do I need to do another relaunch?

I’ve been a little preoccupied since my last blogpost, having among other things separated myself from the Southern Apple Fields and then spending about a week listening to routinely-scheduled blasting while sitting in an environment entirely lacking in air conditioning. There was the odd day where I had time to look at the site and really think about what exactly I wanted to do with it, and the reality of my situation became very clear with very little effort. Here’s what I discovered:

Reason number 1: While a multisite WordPress installation is an interesting idea to be able to differentiate content by topic, such an installation requires a lot of development effort in addition to content creation. Every site needs its own look and feel, meaning that every site required unique customization of its themes and CMS direction, which started becoming prohibitive on a time sense once I activated the second blog. Worse still – the fundamental overhead of WordPress Multisite was really hammering my server’s performance.

Reason number 2: Most of the stuff I scribble about is related to eating and drinking. When looking at site customization being equal for each individual site, and > 95% of content being related to ruminations on food, the math immediately showed the insanity of continuing with multisite activities.

Reason number 3: It is freaking hard to drive page view with just one site; analytics showed the difficulty increases exponentially with each additional blog.

Reason number 4: I have content that is just sitting there. Over the life of the original blog (01-Jan-2009 through 16-Jan-2012), I managed to scribble 269 posts. Some were inane but most of that content is useable, and some of it was even popular.

So after all that, it wasn’t too hard to pull the plug.

Unfortunately, pulling the plug wasn’t as straightforward as the WordPress Codex makes it out to be. Four days to bring the site back online, after which I found out that the export/import step didn’t retain any of the meta¬† so all of the links to those 269 posts are broken and none of my uploads to the Media Library survived. If I had hair, I would be tearing it out.

So, this do-over soft-launches with 10 blogposts that I’ve managed to manually correct. I hope to bring back a minimum of one post per day while still writing new stuff. After all, this is what coffee was designed for.

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