Xmas Eve again

Wow – it’s Xmas Eve again, and for a second straight year in a row, it’s green/brown. No snow. In fact, not even close as I think today’s high was somewhere around 16ºC (60.8ºF for those south of the 49th) and the CBC says it matched Los Angeles. I’m not complaining, though I probably should have taken advantage of a little time to wash the slop off the car windows.

And as it was Xmas Eve again, I spent part of the time at the Atwater Market watching my friend exhibit the patience of Job. Ooh! I made a Biblical reference. Yes, after all these years (and technically being classified as an inf*del) I can still spout off quotes and references. I’ll have to one day describe the 3 months of detention because my public school home room teacher was incensed that I had never read “the Good Book” (so much for open-mindedness, secularism, understanding and acceptance of the existence of other cultures).

Anyway, I’m waiting around and I watch customers ahead of me give their names to get the slow-growth organic turkeys they have pre-ordered. The conversation goes something like this:

“I don’t like the bird you’re giving me, that doesn’t look good. How about a bigger one?”

Then “No, that’s too big. Get a nice big one from the back because the nicer ones are in the back. Get me one from the back.”

Then “What do you mean the bigger one is $80? I can get a whole frozen bird at Wal-mart for $20!”

Then “Let me see the original bird. No, it’s too small. How do you expect me to have enough for my 3 guests? How about a bigger one?”

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Oy gevalt!

It wasn’t better at any of the other bouchers either.

I didn’t have room to activate the kimchi pot this season, so I did the sensible thing and got a two-bone 35-day dry-age prime rib. Surprise! I didn’t sous-vide this go around, primarily because I was hungry. Instead, a very slow low-temperature roast over 5 hours, and a whole lot of effort to make a jus (not “au jus”, it’s just “jus”) with multiple layers of flavor using the trim from the prime rib.

It looked like this after all was done:

2-bone Prime Rib

Deboned prior to carving. Notice that the meat around the bones is still a nice medium rare.

2-bone Prime Rib, deboned for slicing

Carving off some slices. Uniformly pink with very little grey even after the flash sear. Also no myoglobin discharge because the roast rested for the better part of an hour.

2-bone Prime Rib, interior

And the finished product. Slices of prime rib, with truffled mashed potato, braised red cabbage, jus and a little horseradish.

Plated prime rib, with truffled mashed potato, red cabbage and jus

Nice light dinner. And I have some left for a sandwich.



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  1. Ms. Glaze December 28, 2015 at 16:56 #

    Wow! Perfectly cooked! I’ve never slow roasted a rib roast before, but I can see that really helps to get the uniformim medium-rare all the way through. I’ll have to try that next year. My 5-bone standing rib roast was a little more done on one end than the other but that seemed to suit my 9 guests just fine because some of them prefer well done (I know, total sacrilege!!!). Merry Christmas to you and the family!! xoxox

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